The Children's Home offers five cottages for children to live in—three for girls and two for boys. The children are taught basic living skills in the cottage. The cottages are spacious with ample room for the children to have some space to themselves. Each child is provided their own bedroom. Each cottage has a kitchen. Meals are served family style.

Many of the children come to the Children's Home with below average grades in school. In the year 2006 the Children's Home opened the Krissie Kingsley-Watts Education Center. During the school year tutors, computers, and a library are available to the children at the Education Center. Having these tools available to the children has generated amazing results. Children’s school grades usually increase dramatically while living at the Children's Home.

The Children's Home has its own 4-H club called the Rawhide Wranglers. The children raise calves and lambs and participate in many other 4-H projects. Gardening, baking, and sewing are some of the more popular 4-H projects. The children participate in the local 4-H Fair and the Dodge County Fair.

The Children's Home also offers welding, electrical, wind generation and robotis as 4-H projects. These projects enable the children to experiment with career possibilities.

At least one hour daily the children have time to participate in some kind of physical activity, so they can build points toward Presidential Physical Fitness awards. These activities could be at the local ice skating rink, the Vesta Sport Court, or in the Lee Paden Wellness Center.

The children participate in school, church, and other community activities. It is common to see the children volunteering around the Fremont area or participating in extracurricular school activities.